Upon their arrival, our PRE'K Studnets rush out to our spacious colorful playground. The yard provides an opportunity to develop

  and refine their gross motor skills as they climb, run, slide, swing or ride. Each day they look forward to using a variety of

  pedaling toys and  tricycles. Our paths are made of soft rubber in case of falls. Pails, shovels, trucks and sand toys provide

  a nice calming complement to their activity play choices. Everyone helps stow the toys and then, we are off to wash our      


  CIRCLE TIME is a lively gathering time. Our Teachers present songs, movement, activities, flannel board math stories,    

  literature and graph building. Our staff artfully weaves a theme into all the content areas, touching on science, music, art,  

  math and language. Children can be seen "marching around the alphabet", or learning about an animal's habitat in a  

  weekly reader big book edition. 

  SNACK TIME is popular with the PRE'K children who pour their own water, tell jokes or chat informally with friends and staff. 

  Often the PRE'K children have participated in a cooking activity and may be tasting the fruits of their labor. Popular recipes

  include apples, pizza, homemade butter, "monkey bread", apple sauce and a Halloween Witches Brew - just to name a few. 

  CENTER TIME/TABLETOP TIME is a choice time. It allows your child to experience play independently or interact with small  

  groups of children, in any center that they wish to explore. A child is free to paint a picture, explore the science center,

  build  a block city and play a board game, all in one afternoon. 
  Our day has been busy and fun! Now it's time to dress ourselves as we learn to flip our jackets and zip, snap and button.   

  Children either get ready for our Lunch Bunch Enrichment Program or escorted to their cars for dismissal. Parents drive up 

  using our convenient carline. This helps them for next years kindergarten school bus expectations.

Our Classes

Plainview Nursery School


 Our Toddler day will begin with an outdoor playground time. Our little ones will have ample opportunity to swing,

  slide, dig, run or scoot about and socialize with friends. 

  CIRCLE TIME is the next fun activity. As our staff members coax the eager toddlers to join in on the floor for

  songs, finger plays, flannel board and, of course, to discover what is inside the mystery box!

  SNACK TIME is a big hit as the toddlers will drink from small cups of water and munch on the snack of the day, 

  including their all time favorite, Goldfish!

  CIRCLE TIME/TABLETOP TIME allows the children to explore all areas of the room. They engage in painting, block

  play, texture play, puzzles, tabletop games and dramatic play in our housekeeping center. 

  MUSIC TIME is next! The toddlers will use the parachute, march to music, play musical instruments, shake

  their beanbags and enjoy bubble magic 

  How quickly the time passes. Children are dressed for pickup and parents will return to greet their smiling



  Our Three's will begin their active day on our spacious, colorful playground.  Each day they are given the opportunity

  to develop and refine their gross motor muscles, as they climb, run, slide, swing, and learn to ride the cozy coupes or

  pedal a variety of ride-on equipment. Our paths are made of a soft rubber to protect them should they fall. 

  After a thorough hand washing, the children join in CIRCLE TIME activities as our teachers present songs, finger

  plays, shape puzzles and calendar activities. Interesting topics may include Healthy Foods, Community Helpers,  

  Multiculturalism, Homes, Healthy Bodies, Colors and Shapes, and Feelings just to name a few. Science, music,

  literature, art and math will all be tied into a unit to create a whole language, developmentally based appropriate


  SNACK TIME is a popular favorite as the 3's socialize while eating their favorite
 treat. Often the 3's have participated in    a cooking activity and may be sampling their efforts or frosting a cupcake for a special party! 

  CENTER TIME/TABLE TIME allows your child to explore all areas of the room. Children may choose the painting easels,

  an indoor texture table, dramatic play in either the Housekeeping or Building and Car areas, block play or tabletop

  puzzles and toys. 

  The "SPECIAL DAY" child may choose to share a "show-and-tell", as our staff members encourage the 3's to

  develop and expand their language and thinking skills.  

  How quickly the time passes. Children either get ready for our Lunch Bunch Enrichment Program or are dressed for 

  pickup and escorted to their cars for dismissal. Parents drive up using our convenient carline.