Plainview Nursery School

Danielle Walowitz

Educating children has been a part of my life since September of 1999 when I began my career in the East Meadow School District.  As a Special Education teacher, I had the opportunity to work with children grades Kindergarten through 12, all of whom had a variety of learning styles, skills and talents.  Through teaching, I have always had a desire to learn something new to better myself as an educator and to provide helpful insight into the different needs of children.

I graduated from Adelphi University in August of 2001 with a Dual Masters Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.  I began teaching in East Meadow where I received tenure in 2004. Shortly thereafter, I began my greatest task of all; raising my own three children for the past twelve years.  Throughout that time, I had become an integral part of their nursery school experience as a member of the Co-op Executive Board.  Being an active board member in many positions over the course of seven years, especially the last two years serving as President, enabled me to work very closely within the school and become familiar with it's intricacies. This past year I have been working for All About Kids, Therapy and Education Services as a Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT).


Miss Dale - Toddler Class Teacher

My name is Dale Garil and I'm the Toddler and "Full Day" teacher.  I have been part of the Plainview Nursery School family for many years. I was a substitute and "Full Day" teacher for 5 years. 

I have an Early Childhood/ Elementary Bachelors Degree from Queens College / CUNY and a Masters Degree in Reading and ESL from Adelphi University. I was a NYBOE teacher for seven years where I was a first grade teacher in East New York, Brooklyn.  I decided to stay home with my daughter when she was born.  My extended leave from The NYBOE became a permanent leave when my son was born 4 years later.

I've lived in Plainview for a little over 16 years with my husband and two children.  My daughter is 16 and my son is 11.  My kids attended the Plainview Nursery School.  In 2003, my daughter attended The Toddler Class,  I knew this school would be a big part of our lives for a long time!  

I absolutely love to watch my students get excited when they create beautiful art, sing, dance and work together to solve problems. I'm so glad to be part of The Plainview Nursery School Family!

Miss Danielle - 3-year Old Class Teacher
Hello, my name is Danielle. I live in Plainview with my husband and two sons, both students in the Plainview-Old Bethpage school district. I have been a part of the Co-op family since 2004, first as a parent and a member of the Parent Executive Board as VP of Fundraising and then as President. I then joined the staff as an assistant teacher for the Toddler program. During that time, I pursued a certification in Early Childhood Education and upon completion, was offered the position of Head teacher for both the 3-year Old and Full Day children, as well as our Lunch Bunch Enrichment program.

My goal as the 3-year Old teacher is to offer many experiences that stimulate children’s senses and curiosity and to encourage them to make choices among a wide variety of activities. I strive to provide a positive learning experience that promotes the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development for all children.

Miss Alese - 4-year Old Class Teacher
Hello, my name is Miss Alese and I am the teacher in the four-year-old classroom.  This is my 24th year working at the Plainview Nursery School.  It has always been my pleasure to work so closely with both the children and parents here at our school.  I have lived in Plainview since 1979 with my husband and two sons, both who have attended the Plainview-Old Bethpage schools.  This gives me both familiarity with and insight into the expectations your children will soon be meeting.

Professionally, I hold a BA in Speech & Hearing Science from Queens College and an MA from NYU in Health and Education Science.  Prior to staying home to be with my children, I worked for four years in the NYC Public Schools.  In my first year, I was a consultant in a Title V Outreach Program, helping the parents of deaf and hearing-impaired children to enhance their communication and parenting skills.  In the next three years, I worked as a Resource teacher for deaf children mainstreamed into hearing classes, helping them to succeed in the hearing classroom.

These experiences in the field of Special Education have helped me develop the sensitivity and patience necessary to facilitate both growth and positive self-esteem in my students.  It has also trained me to tune into creative and effective ways to help build the language skills that are central to growth and development during the preschool years.  With this in mind, your child will be participating in a sign language enrichment curriculum daily.

Aside from increasing academic abilities, my goal is to foster positive self-esteem by encouraging the children to become peacemakers, good friends, and to show respect and understanding for each other.

Assistant Teachers

Miss Laura - 3-year Olds Assistant Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Laura and I am the Assistant Teacher in the three year old class as well as the Lunch Bunch program. I have an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.

I have been a Plainview resident for over 45 years.  My husband and I are both graduates of the Plainview-Old Bethpage school district and have always been very active members in the community.  We have two wonderful sons who attended the Plainview Cooperative Nursery School.  I truly enjoyed my experience as a “Special Day” parent and always felt a sense of warmth throughout the school.  It was this feeling that inspired me to return to the school in a different capacity.

Since 2001, I have been fortunate to work with students ranging from 2-5 years of age by helping them develop their academic and social skills in the classroom and on the playground. Being an assistant teacher has been extremely rewarding. I always look forward to the start of another school year with meeting new students and their families.

Miss Terry - 4-year Olds Assistant Teacher
Hello, I am Miss. Terry and I am the Assistant Teacher in the four year old class.  I have four children who attended the Plainview Nursery School from 1990-1997.  During that time, I served on the Executive Board for two years.  My oldest granddaughter is also a graduate for our school.  I have two wonderful granddaughters and two grandsons.  Almost immediately after my youngest child graduated from the Plainview Nursery School, I was asked to be an assistant teacher.  Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity and have been at this wonderful school ever since.   I love watching the growth of the children throughout the year and enjoy helping them to become independent young learners ready for Kindergarten!

Miss Bhavna - 4-year Olds Assistant Teacher​

Miss Jamie - Full Day Assistant Teacher
Hello, I am Miss. Jamie and I am the assistant teacher for the Full Day class as well as our Lunch Bunch Enrichment program.  I have lived in Plainview for 30 years with my husband and two daughters, both who recently entered the world of teaching.

I have a BA in Social Science from SUNY at Stony Brook.  This is my 15th year at the Plainview Nursery School.  Throughout the years, it has been a pleasure to work with so many returning families and to watch the growth of all the siblings.  With each new year comes the opportunity to meet many new faces.  I find working with young children very rewarding.  Nothing is more special than the smile on the children’s faces as they experience the world around them.